‘Adopt A Church’ Program Begins

Ed ThompsonNews

What is it like to attend a Bible Talk in the Ivory Coast?
How has God moved recently in El Salvador?
Is there a church in Iceland?
What can I pray about for the believers in Korea?
How long has there been a church in Copenhagen?
Do disciples in Hindu countries have arranged marriages?
Does the church in Uzbekistan have HOPE service projects?
Where are disciples starting churches in South America?
How many disciples are there in Papua New Guinea?

These are just some of the questions that can be asked when you choose to participate in the Adopt-A-Church program.

GPCC’s Adopt-A-Church program is a unique opportunity for each of us to connect with one of our many sister churches. With over 500 churches outside the United States, we have the ability to learn what is happening with disciples around the world. But unlike a news snippet or organized church update or news snippet, you can spend a year connecting with brothers and sisters in one of these churches. YOU can make new friends, ask the questions that are important to you, exchange Scriptures and inspire one another on a personal level.

We have created an online tool to streamline the registration process. Please research the area of the world or nation you would like to connect with. Then simply go to our online registration page each church is organized by geographic region, country and city. There, you can request a specific location. If that church is available, you will be notified by email within a couple hours, and your name will be associated with that church for the year. You can get contact information from the Disciples Today Church Locator and we may also forward some basic information about the general area. But it will be up to you to decide how this relationship will grow.

How inspiring can this be? Consider the depth of your spiritual walk as you pray for the needs of the brothers and sisters who share your struggles. Imagine how the faith of believers can grow as you can share updates from your family overseas. And as more members start to adopt churches, the opportunity to encourage each other multiples. Imagine our fellowship abuzz with news from Christians around the world. We are preparing an email distribution list for all those who have adopted a church. This email distribution will allow adopting members to share lessons-learned and offer each other tips from their experiences.

The GPCC Adopt-A-Church program opened on Sunday March 14 and requests continue to come in. As I think about the impact we can have as we reach out to different churches, I am reminded of the missionary Paul. He decided to send a letter to the believers in Colossae, a church he had yet to visit and whose faith he had only heard about. It is my hope that our fellowship will be able to share how “the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world.” Col 1:6